Mathew Callaghan

Mathew Callaghan is a Web Developer at Pure Services. His cartoons and illustrations can be found at Rooweb. Also a pro home pizza maker. From Newcastle, New South Wales Australia.

Mathew Callaghan

About Mathew Callaghan

Hi my name is Mathew Callaghan I am from Newcastle Australia. I am the owner and web developer at Pure Services, since 2008. A small business providing website design and development services. Also computer / server repair services and support.

Rooweb is my online store providing stock graphics, website services and technology. Rooweb is also the home of my cartoons and illustrations.


Working freelance and as a team member I design and implement websites and e-commerce solutions for local, national and international businesses, individuals and organisations. Additionally you can see some of my web design and development work on my website Pure

My work also includes some graphic design and illustration work. Designing business cards, reworking logos, producing instruction manuals and illustrations, banners, signage and posters. Additionally you can see and purchase my graphics at my website

Mathew Callaghan also provides laptop and desktop computer repair services and to some degree mobile phone repairs and arcade machine servicing.

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