Mathew Callaghan

Mathew Callaghan
Mathew Callaghan

Hi my name is Mathew Callaghan I am a web designer and illustrator, with experience in custom web design, website hosting and management, graphic design and illustration. My history in custom web design and graphic design give me a technical but creative approach.

My Work

I have a genuine passion and motivation for my work. Always planning jobs with lots of deep thinking. I find web design the perfect combination of code and graphics. And the forever moving world of web development is enough to keep anybody interested.

My focus on usability, stability and performance have contributed to long running trouble free websites and services. While focusing on development and running costs also results in efficient services, providing clients with great value for money.

Always interested in new projects and challenges so feel free to send me a message or request a quote for something you might have in mind.

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Web Design and Development

Graphics and Illustrations by Mathew Callaghan

Most of my graphics and illustrations can be found at Rooweb. Here you will find stock vector graphics and illustrations.

This is a collection of TV and radio icons I created for media centers Australian TV Logos. These logo icons are for Australian free to air TV and radio.

Recent graphics on Rooweb